Ден на отворените врати

На 28 май се състоя Денят на отворените врати на фирма Чех Пласт.

Ден на професиите 2018

За втора поредна година в Младежки Дом гр. Враца се състоя събитието Дни на професията 2018 год.


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  • SPA Hotel Meditsus city. Varshetz - suspended facade system Е 85, PVC joinery, composite panels Etalbond, automatic door
  • RING hotel city. Montana - PVC joinery, metal structure with thick roof shingles, automatic door
  • Evrohoteli AD, Hotel Gorna Banya - PVC and AL joinery
  • ET Invest - V.C., Burgas - Hotel Prestige, z.k. Lazur - PVC, AL joinery
  • Road motel opposite SHELL, Aytos "Roadstar" - PVC joinery
  • Balkanbas Hotel, Sarafovo, lead contractor - PVC joinery
  • Hotel in Nesebar, assignor is Drima Ltd. - PVC joinery
  • Hotel complex Chaika Vratsa - PVC and AL joinery, glass doors and windows, automatic door and garage systems GEZE
  • Hashove Hotel Vratsa - PVC and AL joinery
  • Lazur Hotel Burgas, z.k. Lazur - PVC, AL joinery and suspended facade

Bank Offices

  • Raiffeisenbank - over 190 branches in the whole country
  • Bulbank AD office Montana, AL joinery + bank security /armoured glasses/, lead contractor
  • Raiffeisenbank Burgas branch - suspended façade and internal AL barriers
  • Biohim AD, branch Customs Lom and branch Vratsa - AL joinery
  • Raiffeisenbank Kosovo, Prishtina - AL joinery, ETALBOND
  • Raiffeisenbank Kosovo, Teranda - AL joinery
  • Raiffeisenbank Kosovo, Raovets - AL joinery
  • Post Bank Vratsa - AL joinery, ETALBOND
  • Alfa Bank, branch Vratsa - AL joinery, suspended façade
  • Union Bank, branch Vratsa - AL joinery - subcontractor of Lintel
  • Bulbank, branch Vratsa and branch Montana - AL joinery
  • Piraeus Bank, branch Vratsa - ETALBOND
  • Central Cooperative Bank, branch Vratsa, Mezdra and Byala Slatina - AL joinery and ETALBOND

Public Buildings

  • PENNY Plovdiv, residential district Trakiya - suspended facade, aluminium joinery and automatic doors
  • LIDL Plovdiv, residential district Trakiya suspended facade, aluminium joinery and automatic doors
  • Casino in Sofia, residential district Levski - AL joinery, ventilated facades with ETALBOND and glass constructions
  • MALL "Danube" in Ruse - roof glazing, suspended facades and ventilated facades with ETALBOND
  • BILLA Sofia - Orlandovtsi - suspended facade, aluminium joinery, glass doors and windows
  • BulARKO AD - Sofia
  • Nadin AD, administrative building in Sofia, residential district Suhata Reka - PVC and AL joinery
  • Creditreform Bulgaria Ltd. - administrative building in Sofia next to 3rd urban polyclinic, Ulitsa na uslugite Str. - PVC and AL joinery, external rolling PVC persiennes
  • NPP Kozloduy, 5th and 6th block, subcontractors DPSV Vratsa District - AL joinery
  • NPP Kozloduy, 5th and 6th block, lead contractor - automatic door
  • Pedestrian trestle hill 5th floor between ILK, 5th and 6th block of NPP Kozloduy - subcontractor AESP - PVC and AL joinery
  • Police department Vratsa
  • NCCR, Vratsa District - AL and PVC joinery, lead contractor
  • Bus station Sevlievo, "Kometa Bus" - AL joinery, trade representative
  • Main Tax Office Sofia - AL joinery and glass doors
  • "Auto Plus", Vratsa - showroom + service
  • Holcim Bulgaria AD, Beli Izvor, lead contractor - AL and PVC joinery
  • Logo Company, Primorsko, residential building, lead contractor - PVC and AL joinery
  • Puls-GRP Ltd. Burgas, residential buildings, houses, villas - PVC joinery
  • Bulstrad, branch Kozloduy - AL joinery
  • Nafteks Engineering AD, Sofia - AL joinery, repairs
  • Lukoil, Vratsa, lead contractor - AL joinery
  • Lukoil Burgas, lead contractor - AL joinery and ETALBOND
  • NPP Kozloduy, supervisor PNF, subcontractor AESP
  • NPP, Kozloduy, site Management "Security", lead contractor - AL joinery
  • NPP, Kozloduy, 5th block hill 19 - AL joinery
  • Regional Inspection Environment, Vratsa, subcontractor of Stroyinvest
  • National Telecommunication Company Vratsa, lead contractor
  • AED, Kozloduy, HOG
  • Sky Group Vratsa, lead contractor - AL joinery trade complex
  • Pasat-MN Sofia, lead contractor - AL joinery and glasses
  • Universal AD, Sofia - PVC joinery
  • Ministry of Interior, Simeonovo residence, lead contractor SST 200 Ltd. - PVC joinery
  • Ministry of Interior, Department "MTOSO", investor Simeonovo residence
  • V i K, Vratsa - supply of PEH D pipes and shape parts for them
  • Boevski 2000, lead contractor - AL joinery
  • Danis Ltd. - AL joinery
  • Polisan, lead contractor joinery, petrol station in Vratsa
  • Poliengineering, Ruse, administrative and residential building - AL and PVC joinery
  • L G Petrolium, Ruse, production facility - PVC joinery
  • District prosecutor's office, Botevgrad, subcontractor of NCCR - AL joinery
  • "Investigating custodies" Vratsa, subcontractor "Stroitelna Kompaniya" - AL and PVC joinery
  • Traffic Police, Vratsa, lead contractor - AL and PVC joinery
  • Technopolis Vratsa - AL joinery, suspended facade, automatic door, ETALBOND
  • BILLA Vratsa, Montana - suspended facade, AL joinery, anti-fire doors JANSEN, automatic doors - subcontractor of Jung Ltd.
  • BILLA, Pernik - construction facade, AL joinery - subcontractor of Jung Ltd.
  • Satelit Ltd., office building, AL joinery, 10 mm glass, ETALBOND - lead contractor
  • T-Market - suspended facade, AL joinery, PVC joinery - lead contractor
  • Villa "Teva", Ledenika - PVC joinery
  • POK Ledenika of NPP Kozloduy EAD - PVC joinery, metal constructions - lead contractor
  • Astroko AD, residential complex "The Tower Castle", "Grand Royal", Bansko
  • Korekt Ltd., Vratsa, residential buildings in Sofia and Vratsa
  • Komet Electronics Sofia - administrative building
  • Peshkovski & Karamelski law office - administrative building in Vratsa
  • District Court, Vratsa- PVC Winows

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